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The tension between two different worlds the aristocrat and the hunter coexist in the Jock line. The love for luxury and the love for comfort merging to create a rich streetwear style. The Jock line is the crown of this fall winter collection, presenting a lavish world from the eyes of a peasant.

Comfortable and rich the Jock line will shift the balance of powers to your favor. The Modus Vivendi Jock Boxer offers a brief boxer style in an intense design. Sophisticated, tasteful, and super comfortable! The Jock Boxer elevates the colour blogging style to an enriched artistic level and you can find it in grey/ khaki colour or in a black /blue colour, both with a narrow matching waistband. Made of soft perforated velvet fabric this boxer is ideal for sophisticated sports people or streetwear fashionistas.


Contrasted fabrics

Modern cut

Perfect fit

95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Available in 2 colours

Washing machine: 40 °C


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