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For updated stock levels on this brand – Please visit our main website – www.edgeandfire.com ThankyouBrand new upgraded Greek Lux line is timeless and your next-buy. The trending Greek style, with a touch of Mediterranean warmth, as presented in this collection of garments, is sure to tempt luxury fashion lovers with an extensive series of classic yet contemporary design, and to offer both the utmost in comfort and the absolute best of Greek culture. Top quality and minimalistic design makes it ideal for every day comfort wear and sport activities.

The design features an elasticated extra brilliante waistband with a lovely meander (Greek key design) pattern. Super soft, high quality velvet viscose fabric has been used and the utmost care taken with your ultimate comfort in mind… A stylish approach to a classic underwear cut that every man loves. Available in two colours – blue and black! Which one is yours? 


Soft velvet viscose elastane fabric

Metal shiny tag with the modus vivendi logo

Micromodal 80% Polyamide 20%

Washing machine:40 °C


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