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Bum Chums’ The British Pudding Range combines plump and ripe finishing and detail with piping and plush pouches of pure pleasure! This sexy, fun collection is perfect for everyday use, but also great for parties and clubs – check out selection of jocks, backless briefs, trunks and even singlets!!! #yummy

Berry Compote Trunk

New design trunk includes more contoured pouch to help display your manly wears, as well as the signature centre back seam, which accentuates your rear. Made with single thickness pouch, those trunks are rather accommodating to the excitable ones among us and give a certain outline through the fabric. 

Vibrant purple underwear with accented bright pink detail. 

Garment Composition:

Polyamide 92%

Elastane 8%


Bum-Chums Underwear Size Guide:

Small                         30/32”                        76/81cm

Medium                     32/34”                        81/86cm

Large                         34/36”                        86/91cm

Extra Large               36/38”                        91/96cm


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