Branded Or Non-Branded Underwear – What’s Becoming Popular?

branded or non branded underwear

Branded Or Non-Branded Underwear – What’s Becoming Popular?

Gents, it’s time to modernise your undergarments. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you need to make sure that the underwear you have is right for you. Traditionally, it was gay men who were more interested with labels and brandings, but now straight men have taken to the idea like ducks to water, so we’re going to be looking at it in more detail. 

Branding – Makes All The Difference?

From the early days of fashion, branding has been an interesting topic to look at. As a society, we’ve often had a bizarre fixation with fashion and labels. For a lot of guys, it’s always been an enigma. What does it matter where my shirt came from, as long as it looks okay and I can pair it off with a suit? Who’s going to care if my jacket is from Gucci or not? However, in a more modern world, even the straight men who threw anything on to get through the day are now looking for labels for guidance.

Make an effort – it’s worth it!

For a lot of gay men and now straight men, an image is becoming everything. The days of minimal effort outfits are starting to fade. Labels bring a sense of confidence, social standing and contentment. And this has never been truer for underwear than it is now. The right kind of underwear makes you feel more daring, bolder and sexier. When you’ve spent hours in the gym, you want that special someone to see every muscle you’ve built up. Branded underwear does often tend to cling to the contours of the skin too. It has been designed to be a bit sexier and confidence inducing (think Calvin Klein or ADDICTED) – meaning that it’s less obvious against those perfect slim jeans or suit trousers. 

One thing which you’ll also find is that for the branding, you do get a lot of quality too. The age-old school of thought that you get what you pay for really does shine through on occasion. No longer do people have to contend with underwear that’s cheap, falls apart quickly, and feels awkward against the skin. Branded underwear, while being a little bit more expensive, is often made from high-quality materials, and gives breathing room to the wearer, but at the same time also looks great too. Plus, it’s often much more comfortable on the skin than a cheaper non branded pair.

Choose branded underwear and shine!

Overall, branded underwear is something which is picking up popularity among straight men, and it’s a sign that all of the males are joining the fashion revolution. When you’re on a night out, going to present that interview, or just being out and about, you want to look and feel like you can do anything. And while underwear is usually hidden away, it still plays a vital role in your attire. It’s never been more important to get hold of some high-quality brands for your wardrobe. 

Branded Or Non-Branded Underwear – What’s Becoming Popular? 

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